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B2B data integration (API or File) with optional inline analytics and other digital services.

B2B Data Integration

B2B Data Integration & Helpful API Services


Mission Critical Just Got Easier

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    Data Integration & App Services

    Retail EDI provides deep domain expertise and a microservices framework to help companies integrate retail, eCommerce and marketplaces using digital and traditional integration. Making your 2nd connection and your 22nd connection equally simple to implement and maintain, without asking you or your trading partner to change processes.  Offering REST-based workflow, VAN and AS2 integration.
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    Analytics / Reporting

    We stand ready to provide you with cutting edge analytics and real-time reporting. Retail EDI provides standard reporting such as Sell-thru, product velocity reports, we also provide access to control tower comprehensive reporting using AI/ML cognitive services. Whether you need support with a VMI program or just want a set of common sales or product reports available for business managers, we've got you covered.
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    Process Automation

    Make your data do more with Retail EDI. Level up on automation. Don't become less competitive due to manual processes. Automating pick-n-pack process, pick tickets, schedule transportation or a host of other functions can be automated.
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    ERP / OMS / CRM  & many more

    Retail EDI integrates with ERP, like: SAP, JD Edwards, NetSuite, Sage, QuickBooks, Oracle, and many others.  Retail EDI accesses hundreds of connectors and extensions.  Retail EDI support the protocols/formats needed for any application.


Why Choose Retail EDI?

If getting to market is important and staying there profitably is critical, you want Retail EDI in your corner.  Utilizing API-based workflow and a partner community of certified experts in data and vendor compliance, Retail EDI is key to planning, executing and maintaining your place in the market.

What makes Retail EDI really unique?

We're a partner-oriented, data choreographing group of folks, productizing partner programs around joint solutions that solve real problems in the industry.        

What about integration support for ERP, or other applications?

Retail EDI has a library of adaptors (Formatted connectors) and partners specialized (Certified) in various systems.  As needed, we pull them in.     

Support Scope

Retail EDI provides Tier One service for clients we work with while offering one of the strongest SLAs in the industry and we include change management with our services.      

Does Retail EDI charge transaction fees?

In some cases where data runs across a VAN (Value Added Network), we do need to pass those costs along,  (Or we can use your VAN acct).  When data doesn't run across a VAN, there is no VAN or KC or Document fees.  

Want customization ?

Custom choreography, multiple connection points, types, complex rules and maybe some common sense cognitive services - bring it!