Bill Gates is doing some amazing work for the betterment of the world with his foundation. Today, I saw a video that showed me he is dedicated to his mission. This video is a talk he gave at a TED Conference. In this video, which I’ve embedded after the jump, he introduces the concept of “Innovating to Zero”. The idea behind this thinking is very simple. He introduces the concept of CO2 as a function and explains the approach we need to take to innovate and bring the Carbon emissions level to zero. You can watch the video below.




I say it is a half hour well spent. Especially if you’re involved in some manner with a supply chain organization. It is the nature of our business to consume energy and produce Carbon Dioxide. Logistics is a key cog in Supply Chain Management and a potential area where most Carbon reductions can be made. Here’s a look at companies that have taken a step in this regard. See if you can do the same. Green is not only effective, turns out it costs less in the longer run too!!


Trucking companies, particularly those that haul temperature-sensitive freight, increasingly must adapt to “green” initiatives as food producers and retailers seek sustainable supply chains, reports the Journal of Commerce. The trend is being driven in part by grocery chains that are looking for greater control over inbound inventory and manufacturers looking for more sustainable shipping, reports the Journal of Commerce. This often translates into shipping more freight with fewer trucks to cut costs and carbon emissions, according to the article. The article cites Kraft Foods as an example. The company has cut more than 50 million truck miles over the past four years by shifting freight from highway trailers to barges, boats and railcars.

Source: Environmental Leader

FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), today announced it will purchase 51 additional gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles from Azure Dynamics Corporation (TSX: AZD).  The FedEx fleet of hybrid electric and electric vehicles will total 325 when all 51 hybrid step-vans are delivered during November and December of 2009.  Most of the new FedEx gasoline-electric vehicles will be put into service at a Bronx, N.Y., station, making it the first FedEx all-hybrid facility with about 100 trucks. 

Source: Fedex News

See what you can do to improve your presence on this planet. I’ve written a few other articles about this. I introduced the concept of “Supply to Zero” – inspired by Bill Gates’ concept. The idea is that the amount of Carbon Dioxide that is emitted right from production until when the customer gets the product must be minimized. In this post, I’ve introduced the idea. Let me know what you think while I build on it for a future post.

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