Gain profitable insights into your supply chain data. Using dashboards, reports, filters and gauges, you can instantly identify important trends, both positive and negative. 

Whether looking for sell-thru reporting, trying to understand product velocity, inventory turn/by location or other metrics, the key is often found in the data you trade with customers and other trading partners.  Retail EDI unlocks that value inline without disrupting data to/from operations.

Designed with an API-first approach, with any integration we are able to connect to "EDI" data moving to/from your applications to generate information invaluable in accelerating the efficiency of your business.  


  • Sales (Demand)
  • Spend (Supply)
  • Inventory (Localization and optimization, generally)
  • Score card (Service, compliance) 

Retail EDI provides B2B data integration, REST-based workflow.  This enables us to easily deliver reporting and analytics using cognitive (AI/ML) and database/big data technologies. 

We support almost any data formats and any data sources e.g. AS2, FTP, FTPS, API, VAN, VPN, etc..