Business Process Automation - re-use data to maximize value and help accelerate supply chain efforts

We're here to support your integration needs whether you are selling into a network, procuring or are a 3rd party service. Our API-based workflow supports connecting to your trading partners, regardless of the transport and data formats required and we stand ready to support integration to your backend applications.

For example, a customer needs your company to receive electronic Orders and respond with Invoices, we connect to them on your behalf, using their preferred method. Similarly, we create a connection between our platform and your backend system using your preferred connection method. When data is sent to our platform, We validate, transforms and route the orders to your backend application using the transport and file format you prefer. Once connected to your backend to support Orders, your team doesn't need to do anything to support additional customer orders being integrated. The same holds for data coming from your backend systems to clients.

Benefits of using this integration method are reduced time to market for additional integrations as well as a dramatic drop in the cost and complexity of exchanging data. We  provide support and change management, acting as an extension of your team, ensuring your team is always ready to take on new opportunities.

Additionally, we use digital workflow management tools enabling absolute customization. The 'blue' nodes in the drawing to the left show basic workflow for data coming into our system on your behalf. Because each integration is composed of API-driven Microservices, we're are able to transform your data in-line to support additional integrations, for example: carbon-copying, analytics/reports, CRM updates and more.



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