At Retail EDI, we believe when there's a choice in how to manage data, teams should choose REST APIs.  If you have trading partners you exchange "EDI" documents with and your team would prefer to consume an API, we've got you covered. Retail EDI offers two API methods (JSON and UBL) to help your company get under the cost of development and maintenance normally associated with traditional EDI data exchange.

Both solutions help companies and OEM platforms scale and pivot faster.  Build your integration in JSON or XML (UBL).   

REST API/JSON - Exchange data with any trading partner using a REST API (JSON).  Retail EDI connects to your trading partner using their preferred method and requirements and converts the data to an API-based workflow, enabling teams to more finely tune which of our services are used.  For example, some companies only want the X12 data and manage their own lookups and unique transforms while others want to data ready for ERP/LOB.  Read more about the service, here