Here at Retail EDI, we know the value of data has changed. Many have come to value data when using it to make decisions, but many still face obstacles processing it efficiently for LOB applications and Analytics.

It’s time to change your data strategy. We’re here to help.


Up against a fence for some budget? Neat trick: consider looking at how you process EDI.

That’s right. As technology changes, your environment to process EDI data needs to be evaluated and adjusted. ‘as time rolls on’ is how we position VANs in relation to the systems they will be exchanging data with.

Today, companies have a huge amount of play in terms of how they integrate systems, trading partners and processes. As a result, you can find companies using FTP, SFTP, AS2, API and more all under one roof. And the how those systems are connected is sometime different as well. Using the overlap reduces some risk and potentially also removes budget killing license fees. And before you call me crazy, consider what systems each data set is used for and the route it takes.

Here’s a scenario: EDI via VAN to AS2 > translation, JSON out to database, webjob to 3PL and XML into ERP. Let’s not forget the NT box in the closet processing flat file orders for your partner in China. Most of your team is afraid of spiders, let alone working on a server 10 years old and built by the ‘ones who came before’.

Talk about the ‘Dark Web’.

Here are several combinations to reduce your IT spend for 2019 and beyond:

1. Exchange the raw data over API – you could keep using AS2, but why?

2. Exchange data via API/JSON – we build the connection for you.

3. Have either or both depending on the integration with Analytics inline.

If the cost of #1 is $0.05/KC, you can see there will be an uplift to #2 ($0.07/KC) and similarly #3 ($0.10/KC). Discounts come into play for volume but more importantly, you can see tiers for the type and level of processing completed. In each case (#1, #2), we remove cost (licensing and fee charges) in the third case, Retail EDI along with our partners are bringing you accelerated EDI data across VAN, API and with amazing analytics inline. Welcome to VANalytics from Retail EDI.

Was talking the other day to a fella' who told me his company was paying $.050/order.