Business Process Automation - re-use data to maximize value and help accelerate supply chain effortsCompetition between brands often relies on the efficiency and flexibility of a supply chain. Don't wait for a purchase order in your ERP or a POS report from Marketing to arrive before your company takes action.

Digital Transformation for many, means a lot of things. Here at Retail EDI, it means getting every possible byte of B2B data into API workflow so it can be engaged by in real-time by groups that need it.

When we build a connection between your trading partner and your ERP (Or other application), we give you access to API-endpoints. This enables your teams to connect additional applications and accelerate processes according to your requirements. With literally hundreds of application connectors, cognitive services and more, you can remove any bottleneck, silo or data exchange hurdle.

Evolve faster. Utilizing data across systems helps teams gain insight into where improvements can be made and therefore, are able to develop more efficient (Or streamline) existing processes.  


Retail EDI Delivers a Digital Supply Chain Experience

To accelerate and improve supply chain processes while maximizing accuracy and customer focus, it's useful for companies to connect teams and line of business (LOB), to the data being exchanged. Retail EDI automates the exchange of data between you and your trading partners while also providing methods for tightly integrating stakeholders to processes as well. This enables teams to respond to changing supply chain conditions, faster.

"Turn on a dime, without decelerating" a benefit of successful digital transformation




 In the sketch above, the blue nodes are built by us (included) for your integration.  The orange tangents are the use and re-use of REST API endpoints (Gratis).  Your teams can add as many connections as desired.  Retail EDI can manage or you can.