Connecting the Dots on Omni

newmine, ( I believe is on the right track here illustrating some of the customer perspectives, brand benefits and of course the challenges.  The architecture is vague though.  This isn't something many companies can build on, efficiently, primarily I think because they would argue for centralized database.  Most companies will have to initially look to a distributed model.  Nevertheless, I like their listing exercise.
Omni-Channel Commerce: Connecting the Dots

Customer Perspective
Shop anywhere, anytime.
Seamless customer experience across channels.
Consistent rich information about product and brand.
Convenience and faster.

Brands’ Benefits
Increased sales.
Increased retention and loyalty.
Lower operating costs.
Inventory optimization.
Supply chain efficiency.
Optimized use of available resources.

Leadership buy-in.
Investment prioritization.
Channel sales conflict.
Capital investment.
Organizational culture.
Cross functional collaboration.
Legacy systems and infrastructure.
Lack of internal expertise & resource constraints.

Omni-Channel Architecture
Single View of Customer.
Central database for Product, Price, Promotion, Content, Inventory.
Endless aisle with Supply Chain integration.
Integrated business units, processes & systems.
Single set of performance metrics and incentives.
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