VAN, Value-Added Network services from Retail EDI


Retail EDI offers fast plugin installation to support all well known shopping cart (eCommerce) systems. We enable your system within a couple of hours with OCI and cXML Punchout at the same time.

Integration to your client's eProcurement platform takes a little longer, however the process includes testing with your client and end-to-end testing from your client through our platform to your eCommerce system and back again. A utility enables you to adjust each profile (Your client), speeding up change management. For example, if your customer does not want to include productname “Scotch Tape”, we can cross-reference it to “Clear tape” on the fly. This is possible for every attribute in your eCommerce system.

Best part is: You don't have to do anything! We take care of the entire installation, integration and configuration.  You want to get your products to market quickly and win new customers. By removing the cost and complexity of punchout, we help you achieve this.

With our PunchOut solution , you get more than just a PunchOut platform. We're an extension of your company, committed to your company’s growth. And we're able to do this because of our cost-effective and non-invasive solution.

We stand ready to help you and your team understand in as much detail as you'd like, exactly how the system and process work.

Part of our process is helping teams understand not only the process and business mechanics behind punchout, but we'll help you present the technology and other implications to the rest of your team.

Retail EDI can integrate Magento, Opencart, Woo Commerce, Prestashop and many others. We can enable these platforms within hours.