We first published Retail EDI in 2008.  In that time, it went from a tiny blog, to a very large CMS with a lot of content, to having thousands of subscribers in roughly three years. In that span, the site changed quite a bit and became something of an archive point. Content we wanted to have available for ourselves, we automated usually with SMTP and RSS, then mashed it into the site. Retail EDI had some aesthetically challenged years, but has always been useful for gathering and sharing content. 

The objective for Retail EDI is to share information and in doing so to bring people together so they can share ideas. That whole Learn + Share + Grow mantra is still alive and kicking.  The experience we've gained helping companies understand their options is also fueling our ability to support their integration requirements.

Keep your eyes peeled for radical changes. That's right! Technology has leapt forward in the last ten years. Retail EDI is a conduit for process and technological innovations. Anyone, from anywhere is welcome.


The Team @retailedi