The data your company needs to exchange with Kmart (AU) is critical to the success of your B2B relationship.  The EDI documents or transactions exchanged are sequential parts of a conversation.  Understanding how to respond and what to do with the data are ‘mission critical’.  Critical to your relationship and critical to the bottom line.

If you have a contract to supply products to Kmart (AU), then as a vendor or supplier, you have a specific replenishment model/method to follow. 

Retail EDI can help you manage your data.  By connecting to your Retail customers on your behalf we facilitate your ability to communicate with Kmart (AU).  Whether your company prefers to do so with backend integration (ERP, WMS, OMS or other), using a hosted EDI solution or a combination of the two, we’re here to help. 

Retail EDI provides data compliant connectivity, data transformation to support your EDI relationship with Kmart (AU).  And we can provide the data to your company using traditional capabilities such as VAN, AS2 as well as supporting any data format.  Retail EDI also provides fully REST-based APIs to help accelerate your integrations.  Depending on your requirements, we can provide UBL or JSON API communication as well as supporting any other data standard (Flat file, XML, X12 and more).  

Vendor compliance is also supported.  If you need help understanding how (For example), to pack and document shipments, label requirements, and more, we can help, and we’ve got partners that specialize in helping companies improve vendor compliance.  Full circle, the data you exchange with Kmart (AU) is part of a conversation and making sure you do what is agreed to, expected and confirmed with the data exchanged is mission critical.

Retail EDI can also help with process automation.  For example, perhaps all orders from Kmart (AU), need to be entered in SalesForce (Or another app).  Maybe you want

·       Pick-tickets created and emailed to teams or

·       Analysis on which stores have how much inventory or

·       Perfect Order score card for internal use.

·       Create an order for downstream vendors or logistics partners 

In all cases, because Retail EDI uses API-based workflow within Azure, we can support just about any additional integrations you require inline and in the cloud.