Work with your trading partner's data the way you want

Retail EDI enables your team to interact with your trading partner's EDI (Any) data using REST APIs. 

Retail EDI offers a managed service we refer to as KoopNetz. 

Retail EDI connects to your trading partner on your  behalf, according to their data integration requirements.  Data coming from the TP is validated and transformed to JSON, is stored/logged and available via API.  Data you send back, likewise is received by API, validated, transformed and routed to your trading partner in their desired format/transport. 

For example: As a company experienced working with EDI.  Your team has managed data translation for 850's, 856's and more for years.  You've well-document processes and a solid knowledge base.  Maybe the license is up on a translator or perhaps some other component's renewal was to pricey given the data volumes (Or even the lack of depending on messaging being tied to your contract...).  Regardless of the driver, management agrees, it's time to 'do more' with your data and be less reliant on pre-packaged software or fully managed services.  In this scenario, we provide EDI transactions as a REST API while your team manages it using your existing compliance expertise as vendors and EDI data professionals.  It's bi-directional, of course.    

Additional TP relationships with the same transaction types delivered the same way accelerates your speed to market, reducing implementation and maintenance costs dramatically.