VAN, Value-Added Network services from Retail EDI


Retail EDI offers VAN (Value-added Network). If you have a trading partner (For example, a retailer), wanting to automate sending orders to you using "EDI", they will probably use a VAN (Value Added Network).

VANs essentially work like a network of electronic post offices.  EDI messages between companies are envoloped, packed in mail bags and routed to the 'post office' managing their traffic.  VANs continually route and sorti bags of messages between the other post offices. Our VAN is how we route messages to and from VANs other companies are using. 




















Here's a simplified explanation of the VAN interconnect process:

Retail EDI VAN Services

  1. When a buyer or procurement agent, creates an order for your company, it usually isn't sent immediately. Once order is ready to be transmitted, it is pushed to the retailer's EDI system to be translated into an EDI 850 purchase order. The industry uses unique company and "mailbox" identifiers to keep track of what goes where.
  2. In batches, at regular intervals orders from the example retailer are pushed up to the VAN they contract with. Your trading partner's VAN sorts the mail according to recipient identifiers.
  3. Our VAN receives EDI traffic "mail" into mailboxes designated for the clients we serve. 
  4. Retail EDI data with the VAN using the AS2 protocol (API also available). Retail EDI offers several ways for customer to interact with their data and several integration models.
  5. As soon as the EDI 850 is in Retail EDI we process the data. How we process the data is dependent on a customer desired workflow, the format they want to receive and other details.
  6. The last step is distributing the data. It could be a client will want to receive their orders via REST API, have us store the data and subscribe to our analytics, update their CRM or other processes.