EDI Documents

This is by no means all of the EDI documents - and there are no EDIFACT or other standards shown here (It's on another page). This page is primarily a place for people to look at the most basic definition of an EDI document. In the near future we will link documents to associated forums and include much more substantial definitions for the common uses of each document.


For years, we've been associated with terms like the ones below.  This is changing quickly!  More and more of the conversation is about real time: real time pharma, real time eCommerce, real time eProcurement...  the rest is easy.  In fact, if you need help with any of the below services, we'd be happy to help you. Just e-mail us!
109 Vessel Content Details
110 Air Freight Details and Invoice
114 Air Shipment Status Message
140 Product Registration
141 Product Service Claim Response
142 Product Service Claim
143 Product Service Notification
204 Motor Carrier Load Tender
210 Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice
211 Motor Carrier Bill of Lading
212 Motor Carrier Delivery Trailer Manifest
213 Motor Carrier Shipment Status Inquiry
214 Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message
215 Motor Carrier Pickup Manifest
216 Motor Carrier Shipment Pickup Notification
217 Motor Carrier Loading and Route Guide
218 Motor Carrier Tariff Information
219 Logistics Service Request
220 Logistics Service Response
223 Consolidators Freight Bill and Invoice
224 Motor Carrier Summary Freight Bill Manifest
227 Trailer Usage Report
240 Motor Carrier Package Status
244 Product Source Information
250 Purchase Order Shipment Management Document
251 Pricing Support
300 Reservation (Booking Request) (Ocean)
301 Confirmation (Ocean)
303 Booking Cancellation (Ocean)
304 Shipping Instructions
309 Customs Manifest
310 Freight Receipt and Invoice (Ocean)
311 Canada Customs Information
312 Arrival Notice (Ocean)
313 Shipment Status Inquiry (Ocean)
315 Status Details (Ocean)
317 Delivery/Pickup Order
319 Terminal Information
322 Terminal Operations and Intermodal Ramp Activity
323 Vessel Schedule and Itinerary (Ocean)
324 Vessel Stow Plan (Ocean)
325 Consolidation of Goods In Container
326 Consignment Summary List
350 Customs Status Information
352 U.S. Customs Carrier General Order Status
353 Customs Events Advisory Details
354 U.S. Customs Automated Manifest Archive Status
355 U.S. Customs Acceptance/Rejection
356 U.S. Customs Permit to Transfer Request
357 U.S. Customs In-Bond Information
358 Customs Consist Information
361 Carrier Interchange Agreement (Ocean)
362 Cargo Insurance Advice of Shipment
404 Rail Carrier Shipment Information
410 Rail Carrier Freight Details and Invoice
412 Trailer or Container Repair Billing
414 Rail Car hire Settlements
417 Rail Carrier Waybill Interchange
418 Rail Advance Interchange Consist
419 Advance Car Disposition
421 Estimated Time of Arrival and Car Scheduling
422 Equipment Order
423 Rail Industrial Switch List
424 Rail Carrier Services Settlement
425 Rail Waybill Request
426 Rail Revenue Waybill
429 Railroad Retirement Activity
431 Railroad Station Master File
433 Railroad Reciprocal Switch File
434 Railroad Mark Register Update Activity
435 Standard Transportation Commodity Code Master
436 Locomotive Information
437 Railroad Junctions and Interchanges Activity
440 Shipment Weights
451 Railroad Event Report
452 Railroad Problem Log Inquiry or Advice
453 Railroad Service Commitment Advice
455 Railroad Parameter Trace Registration
456 Railroad Equipment Inquiry or Advice
460 Railroad Price Distribution Request or Response
463 Rail Rate Reply
466 Rate Request
468 Rate Docket Journal Log
470 Railroad Clearance
475 Rail Route File Maintenance
485 Ratemaking Action
486 Rate Docket Expiration
490 Rate Group Definition
492 Miscellaneous Rates
494 Rail Scale Rates
500 Medical Event Reporting
501 Vendor Performance Review
527 Material Due-In and Receipt
536 Logistics Reassignment
540 Notice of Employment Status
601 U.S. Customs Export Shipment Information
602 Transportation Services Tender
620 Excavation Communication
622 Intermodal Ramp Activity
650 Maintenance Service Order
715 Intermodal Group Loading Plan
753 Request for Routing Instructions
754 Routing Instructions
805 Contract Pricing Proposal
806 Project Schedule Reporting
810 Invoice
811 Consolidated Service Invoice/Statement
812 Credit/Debit Adjustment
813 Electronic Filing of Tax Return Data
814 General Request, Response or Confirmation
816 Organizational Relationships
820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice
821 Financial Information Reporting
828 Debit Authorization
829 Payment Cancellation Request
830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability
831 Application Control Totals
832 Price/Sales Catalog
836 Procurement Notices
838 Trading Partner Profile
839 Project Cost Reporting
840 Request for Quotation
841 Specifications/Technical Information
842 Nonconformance Report
843 Response to Request for Quotation
844 Product Transfer Account Adjustment
845 Price Authorization Acknowledgment/Status
846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice
847 Material Claim
848 Material Safety Data Sheet
849 Response to Product Transfer Account Adjustment
850 Purchase Order
851 Asset Schedule
852 Product Activity Data
853 Routing and Carrier Instruction
854 Shipment Delivery Discrepancy Information
855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment
856 Ship Notice/Manifest
857 Shipment and Billing Notice
858 Shipment Information
859 Freight Invoice
860 Purchase Order Change Request - Buyer Initiated
861 Receiving Advice/Acceptance Certificate
862 Shipping Schedule
863 Report of Test Results
864 Text Message
865 Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment/Request - Seller Initiated
866 Production Sequence
867 Product Transfer and Resale Report
869 Order Status Inquiry
870 Order Status Report
871 Component Parts Content
874 Commodity Movement Services Response
875 Grocery Products Purchase Order
876 Grocery Products Purchase Order Change
877 Manufacturer Coupon Family Code Structure
878 Product Authorization/De-authorization
879 Price Information
880 Grocery Products Invoice
881 Manufacturer Coupon Redemption Detail
882 Direct Store Delivery Summary Information
883 Market Development Fund Allocation
884 Market Development Fund Settlement
885 Retail Account Characteristics
886 Customer Call Reporting
887 Coupon Notification
888 Item Maintenance
889 Promotion Announcement
891 Deduction Research Report
893 Item Information Request
894 Delivery/Return Base Record
895 Delivery/Return Acknowledgment or Adjustment
896 Product Dimension Maintenance
940 Warehouse Shipping Order
943 Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice
944 Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice
945 Warehouse Shipping Advice
946 Delivery Information Message
947 Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice
980 Functional Group Totals
990 Response to a Load Tender
993 Secured Receipt or Acknowledgment
994 Administrative Message
996 File Transfer
997 Functional Acknowledgment
998 Set Cancellation
999 Acceptance/Rejection Advice