Emirates SkyCargo marks two years of freighter operations to Oslo

Facilitates transport of key exports and trade goods from salmon to horses, pharmaceuticals to machinery Dubai, UAE - Emirates SkyCargo, the freight division of Emirates, has completed two years of operating its Boeing 777 freighter aircraft to Oslo. The air cargo carrier operates a weekly freighter service to the Norwegian capital offering close to 100 tonnes of cargo capacity per flight, facilitating international trade between Norway and the rest of the world. In addition to its weekly freighter service, Emirates SkyCargo also transports cargo on its daily passenger services to and from Oslo. Emirates SkyCargo has transported close to 35,000 tonnes of salmon in the last two years Norway is one of the world’s largest exporters of seafood and exports of Norwegian salmon were valued at around US$ 4 billion for the first six months of 2018*. Over the last two years, Emirates SkyCargo has helped transport close to 35,000...
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“More mobility with less emissions”

An interview with Steffen Bilger, Coordinator of the Federal Government for Freight Transport and Logistics: Road freight transport of the future will become sustainable, digital and intermodal. The European Mobility Package is stuck in Parliament, German infrastructure is crumbling, and air quality is tied up in the courts – enough topics for the conversation of DHL Freight Connections with Steffen Bilger MdB, Parliamentary Secretary of State in the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and Coordinator of the Federal Government for Freight and Logistics Recently, some important aspects of the first Mobility Package on posting, rest, and cabotage have been referred back to the committee responsible in the European Parliament. How does the Federal Government assess this process? The first Mobility Package touches sensitive issues, and the remittance to relevant committees shows the fragmentation of positions in this area. For sustainable, safe, fair, and efficient road freight and passenger transport it is...
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Liebherr Container Cranes to supply ten electric RTG cranes to Montreal Gateway Terminal

Liebherr Container Cranes have secured an order for the supply of 10 electric rubber tyre gantry cranes to Montreal Gateway Terminal Partnerships. The cranes will be delivered to both the Cast and Racine Terminals in 2019. Liebherr supplied its first crane to Cast Terminal, Montreal in 1997. Since then Montreal Gateway Terminal Partnership have procured an additional four STS cranes and 8 RTG cranes from Liebherr, further cementing their working relationship. In 2016, a conductor bar system was installed at the terminal, and associated electrical and mechanical works retrofitted to two of the earlier delivered Liebherr RTGs to allow for full electric operation. Based on their experience with the Liebherr ERTGs, MGT have contracted Liebherr to deliver a further 10 ERTGs. The electrically operated environmentally friendly machines offer many benefits in terms of reduced noise and emissions whilst allowing MGT to continue to offer its customers an exceptionally efficient and...
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Material Handling Industry Makes the Digital Transformation

The material handling industry is in the middle of a historic digital transformation from manual to automated processes in distribution center (DC) and fulfillment operations. Original link

DHL research shows 75% of companies believe investment in ground transportation will directly support their company growth

An evolution in the transport sector is being driven by trends such as the rapid growth of e-commerce, the continued urbanization of markets, and technologies such as big data analytics and digitalization Advanced technologies and service options are changing the way shippers and 3PLs manage their global transport flows Service expectations, new markets, new ground transportation solutions have all increased as a result. LONDON - DHL launched its latest research report on ground transportation logistics. The report reveals that the fast-paced evolution underway in the sector is changing the way that shippers think when purchasing a transportation solution. The global survey of transport buyers and operations professionals found that 83% of businesses are willing to pay more for better and value-added services as long as they provide a measurable return on their investment. “The logistics transport evolution: the road ahead” is a report by DHL Supply Chain, using data from...
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Turkish Cargo flies into Stansted

Turkish Cargo has launched an all-cargo connection linking its Istanbul hub to London Stansted Airport.The three times a week Airbus A330 freighter service flies into Stansted on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.Different routes are operated on different flights, taking in way points such as Johannesburg in South Africa, Nairobi in Kenya, Khartoum in Sudan, Riyadh and Dammam in Saudi Arabia, Maastricht in the Netherlands and Izmir in Turkey.According to Turkish Cargo, it expects that the new service out of Stanstedill feed the Middle East region, Africa and Asia markets.Turkish expects to carry a wide range of British exports out of the UK on the service, including machinery, military equipment, automobiles, car parts and chemicals.It expects to be flying into the UK mainly precious stones and gold, plastic products, automobiles, crude oil, turbo jets, smart phones and pharmaceuticals.Stansted represents only the latest addition to the Turkish Cargo freighter network. It added Kigali...
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Online-Supermarkt Picnic: Elektro-Vans liefern auf optimierten Routen

Der Online-Supermarkt Picnic will mit einer eigens entwickelten Elektro-Van-Flotte den Lebensmittel-Einzelhandel aufrollen. 10.10.2018Ralf Lanzinger Picnic ist nach eigenen Angaben in den Niederlanden bereits ein Erfolgsmodell mit 200.000 Kunden und einer Expansion in 60 Städte. Geliefert werden die Waren in einer Flotte von kleinen Elektro-Vans, die zu 100 Prozent elektrisch unterwegs sind. Die Fahrzeuge wurden von Picnic über einen Zeitraum von drei Jahren entwickelt. Das Start-up setzt darüber hinaus auf günstige Preise, Gratislieferungen und 20-minütige Lieferfenster. Zudem sind die Elektro-Vans extra schmal gebaut und behindern so nicht den fließenden Verkehr. Außerdem fahren die Elektro-Vans auf von Algorithmen bestimmten und täglich optimierten Routen. Eine Fahrt umfasst mehrere Zustellungen in einem Viertel. Aufgrund der Bündelung von Aufträgen fallen unnötige Fahrtwege weg. Dies erlaubt eine exakte Planbarkeit des Zustellservices und reduziert den innerstädtischen Verkehr. Original link

Yusen Logistics awarded CEIV Pharma certification at Kansai

Yusen Logistics is the first Japanese airfreight forwarder at Kansai International Airport to be certified for IATA's Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (CEIV Pharma). Yusen Logistics stated: “As a part of its strategy to turn Kansai International Airport into an international cargo hub, Kansai Airports is in the process of improving the quality of how it handles pharmaceutical products. “They established the KIX Pharma Community, combined with joint CEIV Pharma certification, to provide even safer, high-quality pharmaceutical transportation in August 2017. “We participate in the KIX Pharma Community, and our work with providing safe and high-quality services through quality control and operational improvements have now been rewarded with the achievement of IATA CEIV certification.” In November 2016, Yusen became the first Japanese airfreight forwarder at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to be CEIV Pharma accredited. And, in March 2017, it also earned Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certification for pharma at Germany’s Frankfurt...
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4 companies pioneering the clothing recommerce market

They're embracing partnerships to develop secondary retail apparel sources for consumers. Original link

Supply Chain Planning with Prescriptive Analytics

By Riverlogic · October 9, 2018 Tired of spreadsheets? Still making gut-feel decisions on how to meet demand? Struggling to create accurate plans? If so, this research perspective is for you. It explains that by leveraging advanced analytics, supply chains are tackling all of those problems…and more. Prescriptive analytics enable supply chains to rapidly test a wide range of scenarios — while considering both financial and operational objectives and constraints — and easily collaborate around those scenarios to produce optimal plans. Prescriptive analytics are able to transform an inefficient, complex, silo’d process into a process that drives agile, collaborative, optimized decision-making. Supply chains are seeing benefits like: Full visibility into understanding complex trade-off decisionsA decrease in time to plan from weeks or months to just hours or daysHighly accurate, trustworthy supply and demand plansTighter collaboration across organizational functionsA drastic decrease COGS across the value chain Companies across all levels of...
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